Connecting farmers to extension services
Farm management
Create and assign activities on your farm and the exact locations where they will be performed also keep track of the number of hours worked by farmers
Real time 24/7 monitoring
With FARMGRID, you can track and monitor farmers' activities in real-time. It enables extension agents to know where farmers/workers are working and what they are doing making sure that farmers get paid for all the work they do.
Data collection & analysis
Farmers can capture data on their crop, soil, weather parameters, inputs used, and harvest cycles to get tailored advice(s) from agronomists & experts. Also benefitting stakeholders through data analysis, and providing feedback on farm practices and methods.
Easy to set up in 4 simple steps
Extension agent creates farm & farmers’ profile by providing simple bio data
Extension agent assigns tasks and their respective farm plots with the geotagging feature to farmers/workers
Farmers receives and execute tasks
Farmers record activities at the end of task schedule and geotags farm plot for validation
Available anywhere, even offline
FARMGRID's data can be accessed anywhere in the world, and even has an offline mode for remote farms where network access could be poor. The data is stored locally and automatically uploaded to the cloud once a connection is made.
Actual location, actual time
Geotag your farm plots with GPS and record time to ensure the data recorded for each plot are actually taken at the location
Measure field area and perimeter
Measure field area and perimeter with your phone or Tablet with GPS or by selecting points on the map or entering it manually.
Join Beta programme
We are proud to announce that the private Beta version of Farm Grid has been developed, is currently deployed, and undergoing field tests at different farm locations in Nigeria. If you want to be one of the first few people to test  the public beta app and new features when we release it, kindly submit your email.
Thank you! for joining our beta programme
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