Farm mapping and crop suitability assessment
VDS Farms
Small/ Medium scale farmers
March, 2021
Oyo state
VDS farm intends to venture into cohesive organic farming which is a fusion of Agrosilvopastoral and Agritourism with consideration of conservational biosecurity.
What we did
We carried out a comprehensive soil test to enable the partitioning of the farm blocks. Through this, we were able to suggest the crops that can be suitable for each portion from the desired crops proposed. We also conducted a farm mapping to manage the logistics of the farm husbandry.

We mapped out the farm and identified various sections which includes; crop production activities and non-crop production activities.  We prescribed a soil management practice to them. We developed a plan to be adopted in sequence to the result of the soil test, the volume of the land according to the farm mapping and in relation to the suggested crops.
acres of land
We assessed 200 acres of land.
Mapped layout based on soil test analysis
Mapped layout based on soil test analysis
Mapping activities in progress
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