Training on nutrition-sensitive and gender-integrated agriculture interventions for  farmers’ satisfaction representatives of Amofarm Sieberer hatchery limited
TANAGER: Amo farm Sieberer hatchery limited
01 Months
July, 2021
The primary objective was to implement effective training and capacity building for fifty-six (56) staff (Farmer Satisfaction Representatives) of Amo Farm on the integration of gender and nutrition to enhance their capacity to support the farmers in their operational communities in Nigeria.
What we did
We developed a training manual and reference guide. Prepared and administered both pre-test and post-tests for the participants. This included the development of easy-to-understand training and reference guide on nutrition and gender integration for Noiler, and classroom-based structured training with the use of audio-visual aids (flip charts and PowerPoint presentation).  

Majority of the respondents have a positive perception about training on nutrition and gender being conducted by the facilitators. In order to affirm their understanding, participants further provided ways in which this training would be employed in their respective rural communities.
participants trained
We carried out the assessment in 8 different clusters in these four locations.
Some participants placing their expectation
Participants’ responses on the causes and types of malnutrition
participants showcasing pictures of the foods they ate on the previous day
Facilitator providing advice to some participants from South-East
Facilitator training the participants on Integrating Nutrition with Gender-Transformative Approaches
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Primary farm assurance (local G.A.P) and hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) standards