Voting Is My Civic Right

Voting Is My Civic Right

The presidential elections are being held on Saturday, 16. Feb. Together, we at FutuX believe strongly that Nigeria's future president will invest immensely in Agriculture. And this is why this election is not about political parties or just an individual. It is about us as a people.

Voting is our civic responsibility. It is one of the fundamental tools by which our nation has guaranteed our inalienable rights throughout our history.

What happens when people don't vote? Here is one scenario: You do not believe your vote counts; no matter what, there is corruption and nothing will change. So you abstain from voting on Election Day. Voter turnout is low, which invariably favors the incumbents—the very folks with whom you are not happy. Despite your unhappiness, they are re-elected. The result is that the candidates who could have best represented you do not get into office, and once again you are left despondent about your  government. 

Why would you not participate in this? What do you have to lose?

On this note, all of us at FutuX is encouraging you to go out enmasse tomorrow and vote for a better Nigeria