Farming Biosecurity Measures for 2020

Farming Biosecurity Measures for 2020

12 BIOSECURITY MEASURES  that will keep your farm safe.

1.  Vaccination 

2. Disinfectant 

3. Quarantine / Isolation

4. Control visitors 

5. Proper fumigation of the pen and the environs (All in, all out)

6. Proper and adequate disposal of carcass. 

Either you burn or *bury*.

7. Proper cleaning of feeding and drinking *troughs* 

8. Disposal of litres. 

9. Culling: killing of birds. 

10. Farm properly fenced, (perimeter fencing) to wave off migratory birds. 

11. Overcrowding 

12. Purchasing your animals from a reliable source .

We hope the above information would be useful to you.