FutuX Agri- consult Limited: Who we are

FutuX is a knowledge driven consulting firm, incorporated in 2017 (RC 1451541), aimed at providing cutting edge agricultural solutions to clients with a bias for food safety and consumer protection. The firm intends to exploit the myriad of opportunities in the agricultural sector in Nigeria. The firm seeks to provide solutions to the problem of food safety throughout the food value chain through creating public awareness about the importance of food safety, training of farmers on handling and usage of crop protection products to ensure food safety throughout the production process, designing production protocols for different crops and building systems for products traceability, and restoring customers confidence in locally produced foods through constant campaigns, white papers, and progress reports of our efforts toward ensuring safe food. In addressing food safety issue, two basic problems will be addressed. These are:

  • • Information Asymmetry (Business Insights): FutuX consulting utilizes the capabilities aggregated within its purview to provide insights to businesses to survive in the agricultural space.
  • • Food safety and Public Health: FutuX consulting is privileged to have one of the few GlobalG.A.P farm assurer professionals in Nigeria, thus providing food safety services to clients by designing production protocols for different crops and ensuring controls points are being maintain throughout the production process.

FutuX consulting prides itself as a deeply knowledge-driven and data-led firm taking clients through the agricultural sector seamlessly, focusing on food safety measures from pre-production to post production activities. The firm is deeply driven by its principles; expertise, vision and superb customer delivery.

  • • Expertise: FutuX Consulting consists of a group of professionals with diverse agricultural backgrounds and immense capacity to deliver bespoke services in the sector.
  • • Vision: FutuX consulting prides itself to be a visionary firm with an eye for future trends.
  • • Customer Excellence: As a service based business, our clients are the most treasured and we go extra lengths to create superb client experience.

FutuX consulting intends to serve as an anchor to current and prospective agribusinesses in their pursuit for growth in the sector. Exploring the power of insights and the conception and implementation of scalable solutions, FutuX consulting intends to take clients through the different value chains of agriculture and initiate a seamless process in the growth and development of people, profits and the planet.